Online Marketing

Online Marketing

online marketing sydneySo what exactly is Online marketing ? Online marketing is a broad term used these days to define many smaller strategies that are used to promote your business in the online market place. Just like offline marketing were you used to have brochures, yellow pages book, business cards, pens, signs, banners, billboards online marketing is search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, pay per click marketing, landing pages, social media marketing, email marketing etc… Not many people are familiar with the buzz words being thrown around these days so its easier to remember online marketing as a collection of many smaller things.

Online marketing is a rapidly growing and extremely important aspect of any online strategy. Its now safe to say ALL businesses who have online presence need online marketing to be able to grow in this ever growing competitive world.

A few years ago it was rather easy to drive more traffic to your website by simply having a good website, some search engine optimisation, and email marketing, however its not so easy now with so many different marketing online mediums, social platforms, changes in Google search algorithms you need more than just the basics.


Our Approach to Online Marketing

Our approach is to define what you want to achieve such as promoting a product, reaching more customers that need your services or simply finding ways to communicate better with your customers. We then we find out who your target market is, finally put various strategies in place that will ultimately drive more traffic to your website, promote brand awareness, and promote customer loyalty.

If you think simply having a website alone will get your more customers, think again. Your website is just one piece of the puzzle. Marketing what you have is the other piece missing.

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